Community Manager

We are hiring a full-time Community Manager.

Location: Remote, work from home (work your own hours)

Salary Range: $31,500 - $38,000 USD / yr (paid monthly)

About Adopt Me

Adopt Me! is the record-breaking #1 concurrent player count game on Roblox (WR: 640,000+ players online at once), delivering a best-in-class social pet adoption experience to our community of over 24 Million monthly active players. Adopt Me features an in-depth housing and avatar editor, a strong trading economy and vibrant social community - plus lots of very cute pets to take care of.

About our games studio

DreamCraft is the studio behind Adopt Me. At the time of writing our team includes 25 diverse and talented full-time team members working in-office or remotely across the world. We’re looking for candidates who are skilled, experienced, and want to help make Adopt Me and future game projects even bigger and even better.

From a current team member

As a member of the Adopt Me comms team, I'm able to deliver content to a community of over 30 Million players around the globe. That still amazes me! Everyone on the team is passionate and easy to get along with, I feel like we're all on the same wavelength. It's been a wild journey so far but we're only just getting started. The flexibility of the job is a big perk for me as I have more time to spend with my partner.

We want you to

  • Be curious, want to improve yourself and others
  • Care deeply about our mission of creating best-in-class game content that kids will remember long into adulthood
  • Take ownership of projects and be willing to lead
  • Empathize deeply with others and believe our games can be vessels for social good


  • Work as part of the comms team to own Community-related tasks. Ensure our approach to Community aligns with the overall comms and content plan.
  • Create and deliver new Community initiatives. Got a weird, innovative idea for Community that nobody else is doing? Let's do it!
  • Run community events that help make being a member of the Adopt Me community just as fun as playing the game.
  • Help lead our Community Moderation team, ensuring our moderation is positive, fair, and aligns with the goals of the team.
  • Liaise with QA and Production to help resolve or avoid community-related issues.
  • Engage with players directly, advocating on behalf of the Community within our team. Be a fan of our games and the millions of people who play them.
  • Coordinate with our Social Media Manager to ensure Discord runs smoothly, and continues to grow.

"Should Have" Traits

  • 1+ year's experience working in a community-focused role at a games or games-adjacent company.
  • Proven track record of managing online gaming communities in paid or volunteer roles.
  • Excellent written and verbal English language skills. You can concisely explain what you mean to others in a polite and informed manner.
  • Empathy and perspective. You are an excellent listener and are able to filter feedback in a non-reactionary way that takes into account multiple perspectives.
  • Highly experienced with Discord, running Discord communities, fiddling with bots and other integrations.
  • A strong desire to help build a large, safe, positive, innovative community that adds value to the lives of millions of people.

"Nice to Have" Traits

  • Experience managing communities with young audiences.
  • Experience with the Roblox platform and its various games.
  • Experience with both in-game and out-of-game moderation.
  • Experience working with international games communities (whilst predominantly English-speaking, Adopt Me has a global community).
  • Specific knowledge of Adopt Me and its community.
  • Experience being in videos, streams or other recorded content (you can optionally be a part of our content).


Pay will be competitive and negotiable. Est. $31,500 - $38,000 USD / yr (paid monthly), based on your experience

How to Apply

You must be 18 or older to apply.

To apply for this job, please email with the subject “COMMUNITY MANAGER” and include the following:

  • A copy of your CV / Resume
  • A brief overview (cover letter) of why you want to work at DreamCraft