The Truth About Jeremy

Posted by Team Adopt Me on Thu Jun 18 2020 tagged developer talk

This statement & video are regarding the actions of the YouTuber, Jeremy.

A staff member of ours has been a target of a harassment campaign from Jeremy for several months now, despite our best attempts to ignore the situation. Jeremy has also been breaking both Roblox rules & the Adopt Me Terms of Service by purchasing rare items for real money / Robux.

Due to this, Jeremy's current Roblox account has been banned from Adopt Me, and we are putting this statement out in order to avoid speculation from players over the situation.

This video, and the accompanying blog, is our final statement on the matter. It is delivered by the affected staff member, but we stand behind it as a team. We hope you take the time to watch or read, and understand why we have chosen to take this action.

My name is Josh, I’m one of the 30 people who work on Adopt Me. This is my statement about the YouTuber Jeremy, who has made several videos attacking me. I didn’t want to have to make this statement, but Jeremy posted another video attacking me and my inbox is filling with hateful messages yet again.

Here is the truth: I blocked Jeremy on my personal Twitter account in February because we discovered evidence that Jeremy had been buying in-game items for real money, breaking Roblox rules and our own terms-of-service. Jeremy had inventories filled full of rare items he would do “giveaways” with to grow his channel - buying or selling Adopt Me items for real money, Robux or cross-trades is against our terms of service. As some of you know, we regularly track “buyers” and “sellers” and after banning a top item seller, we discovered Jeremy had made many item purchases from their account.

When we found out we were shocked and angry - I blocked Jeremy on Discord and on my personal Twitter account and wanted nothing more to do with him. After he continued to message members of the team and tag the Adopt Me twitter, our Social Media Manager chose to block him there too - we are a united team of multiple people. Roblox has banned Jeremy multiple times so far and he made videos claiming he had “no idea” why he was banned. Around the time we discovered the above evidence, Jeremy was banned by Roblox for Violating the Roblox terms-of-service.

When we discovered this we were really disappointed. Over the course of several months I personally helped Jeremy out on many occasions. When he was banned by Roblox the first time, we reached out to Roblox on his behalf and helped him recover some of his “lost” items. We did this because we trusted Jeremy when he said he didn’t know why he was banned. Now we feel stupid, lied to, manipulated.

This isn’t the only bad thing Jeremy has done:

  • In February, Jeremy posted a video titled “quitting Adopt Me”, insulting the Adopt Me team and our work and the community, resulting in hateful messages being sent to team members. After 5 days he returned to Adopt Me, but never apologised directly to any of us.
  • Jeremy privately insulted other YouTubers in leaked DMs. If he is this mean and cruel to people in this one set of leaked DMs, I wonder how many other private conversations he’s being mean and cruel in.
  • Jeremy has so far made 3 videos directly targeting me, each of which has resulted in my inbox being filled with hateful messages, insults and even racist or homophobic slurs. In one video Jeremy says he’ll give a free unicorn to anyone that tweets at me. In another he says I am “a demon” that needs “an exorcism” and that his followers should “#Pray4Josh”. This deeply negatively affected my mental health - Jeremy has 1.6 Million subscribers, I’m just a relatively unknown person working on a Roblox game. He has not apologised for the hatred I personally received.
  • Jeremy has made several misleading videos that contain false information. In one video, he claimed Adopt Me had been ‘sold’ and claimed we had updated our website when he hadn’t. After this we received tweets, DMs and emails from players scared that “Adopt Me had been sold”. In another video, Jeremy pretended to discover our social media manager had blocked him for the first time, despite her actually blocking him weeks before. These are just some examples of the lies Jeremy tells.

In summary:

  • Jeremy bought items for real money, breaking Roblox and Adopt Me rules
  • Jeremy insulted Adopt Me, our team, several players, and other YouTubers
  • Jeremy made 3 videos that resulted in fans harassing me directly
  • Jeremy has made videos that include false information

Last year, Jeremy made the active decision to almost exclusively switch to making Roblox Adopt Me YouTube content, after which his channel views and subscribers increased by a lot. And then he burnt bridges with both Roblox and the Adopt Me team. Following all the above, we have made the unfortunate decision to ban Jeremy from Adopt Me. We were happy never revealing this information but I feel like my hand is forced, because Jeremy has now made 3 videos targeting me and many more lying about the situation. The Roblox bans were Jeremy’s fault. Us blocking him is Jeremy’s fault. Even this statement existing is Jeremy’s fault. We were happy for Jeremy to quietly keep making large amounts of money from videos but instead he harassed, insulted and lied. This will be our final statement on the matter.

We are blessed to have a community full of many bright, talented players and video creators. It brings me great joy to watch all the videos and livestreams people make whether they’re a huge YouTuber or a young player just starting out. Over the past months, whenever my inbox was filled with hateful messages, I thought about that. I thought about the inspiring coworkers I get to work with every day, and I thought about all the joy we’ve been able to bring to millions of people during these awful times. And that makes me really happy. I just want to be able to do my job, in peace.